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Birthday Party Shares In Company

    To develop and expand the company culture, and make our workers feeling warm as in a big family, confess and appreciate the hard working staffs, and express the care for workers, Sopooda hold a big birthday party for celebration. The workers whose birthday is celebrated come together with happiness and harmony.

    <<Happy Birthday>> music comes with administration department preside, the party is fulfilled with warmth and romantic atmosphere, every body smile, talk and sing the song together, light on the candles and make the best wishes with peace and quiet to them with better and better future to company!

    Then, General Manager Mr Fu and Miss Chen give the gifts and wishes to the workers whose birthday is celebrated, and share the birthday cake with them. Leaders’ wishes and the warm site make the attenders so exciting and happy to enjoy a special family birthday party.

    In Sopooda big family, leaders and staffs whose birthday is in August and September join together to enjoy the beautiful time!

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