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Birthday Party for Employees who born in June and July

Birthday Party for Employees who born in June and July

In order to reflect the humanized management and concern to SOPOODA’s staffs, also enhance the employees’ identity and sense of belonging, make all staffs blend in SOPOODA’s big family,

SOPOODA hold a birthday party on July 31th for the employees who born in June and July, think can help everyone keep better work attitude, growth together with company. What’s more the party can help promotion SOPOODA’s culture building and deepen connotation.

The name of participators as below, Ms. Zhou, Li Haibing, Ye Yongsheng, Ye Qing, Chen Qiaoli, He Xiaoyu, Luo Xiuli, Zhang Wenjuan, Chen Sha, Chen Dong, Zhou Xinqiao, Kong Yueling, Xu Shengyan, Zhang Yu, Shi Huixia, Lu Miao. Because of work, Chen Dong and Shi Huixia can not attend. Hereby, we offer the most sincere wishes for them, happy birthday!

In the beginning of party, Ms. Zhou representative company and leadership express congratulation and best wishes. Then make wishes, blow out candles together, Ms. Zhou give gift to everyone.


Group photo

The birthday party successful conclusion, think everyone received the best wishes and regards. Each birthday party will transmit SOPOODA’s concern to every staffs, build a love bridge between company and employees, inspire the work enthusiasm, we have the same dream to work together in SOPOODA, growth with SOPOODA together!
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