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Shenzhen Sopooda Technology Outward Bound 2014
Date:2014-06-05Onclick:996 澳门金沙城娱乐
   The outward bound 2014 was successfully held at 19th,April in Hua Lang training center.During the outward bound, every sopooda people are physically tired, but spiritually benefited.And the memories of this process brings us every Sopooda people to think more.Work together, unity, cooperation, and common sense of duties are the key points for a successful team and will brings us step to our next glory.js3311com金沙网站

   The training was held by the coach in the morning , the spooda people was divided to 4 team at "Eagle " ," Sword "," lightning "," Tornado ",all the team are active during the whole process.
   After a series of activities, unknowingly to meal time, before lunch, we sang the most familiar song “the national anthem”!
   The last programe “climbing the graduate wall”, a wall with 4.5 meters high and smooth, without any tools. And requires all players to climb over silently without any discussion, or face severe punishment.
   After 10 minutes brief discussion, we elected captain, we started climbing the human ladder. The first and second some workmates can help within speaking, failed and punished to re climing.Third, we have learned the lessons of the previous two, no one said The whole team is quiet, with the music. Finally, 70 people with thirteen Points twenty-nine seconds and finished the climbing of the graduation wall.
   The coach open human ladder’s collars. See that scene, the noisy players instantly quiet down; seeing the shoulders of the players, tears full of every other sopooda people’s eyes. Without every one’s efforts, no single one can finished this task.
   The training activities closed every sopooda people together. Everyone’s participation in the training team bring all the sopooda peope a sense of responsibility, mutual understanding,team spirit and cooperation. And this will bring sopooda to new era.