SHEN ZHEN SOPOODA TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD is a joint venture by GSP SYSTEMS Inc. in Korea and Chinese capital, with its manufacturing base in Shenzhen, China, and its R&D center works closely with the R&D center in Korea. We provide R&D service of the CCTV industry. We also produce the CCTV products and provide professional sales services. The founder of our company - Mr. Ye Chang Gang is an expert in the CCTV industry and also a master of TQM.

He has profound knowledge in operational management in Japanese and Korean companies, and has close cooperation with the companies of CCTV industry in Korea. Since the company establishment in 2005, we have been one of the leading factories in China and throughout the world, which develops and products high-quality and unique CCTV products, supported by the Chinese government as the most importantly developed High-Technology company.

in the factories in Dongguan and Shenzhen, we have 600 employees, 50 R&D engineers and 8 foreign trade sales representatives who knows different languages and prepared to meet with varied needs from our customers. The monthly output for camera reaches 55,000 units, and for DVR, over 4,100%; nits. The monthly capacity of camera reaches to 120,000 units and for DVR, 10,000 units.

The mission of SOPOODA is "INNOVATIVE SECURITY WORLD", including innovative idea, innovative management, innovative quality , innovative technology, innovative marketing, and innovative service. We aim to become a CCTV manufacturing company which provides products with high quality and techniques with international standards. We pursue innovative management concepts, we respect our people, we value the interests and requirements of our customers, and seek for a creative win-win business model. We have formed our unique business philosophy:

I.    In SOPOODA, we pursue not large size but most effective organization.
II.   In SOPOODA, we pursue not highest profits but best quality.
III.  In SOPOODA, we pursue not biggest capacity but every detail of good quality.
IV.  In SOPOODA, we pursue not homogenization of products but diversification.
V.   In SOPOODA, we pursue not competition but win-win cooperation and mutual value-adding.
VI.  In SOPOODA, we pursue not full series of the products, but unique and competitive own products.
VII. In SOPOODA, we pursue not all the customers in all
markets, but diversified market and diversified customers.
VIII. In SOPOODA, we pursue not only the manufacturing and selling of our products, but also working out a whole set of value-added service and innovative management model for our customers.
IX.  In SOPOODA, we pursue not just promoting our products and our company, but helping our customers to promote their products and company.
X.   In SOPOODA, we pursue not simple business cooperation, but common businessphilosophy, concepts, values and sense of responsibility. We need to have continuous and long-term business spirit, the foresight and mind-set of the entrepreneurs.

  Factory and Company Introduction

The factory of SOPOODA was established in 2005 in Dongguan, Guangdong and started to develop all kinds of camera. The new factory was established in 2010 in Bantian, Shenzhen, with around 3000 square meters as factory area and around 300 employees. The Shenzhen factory has set up the Production, Marketing, R&D, Mold Production, And Administration Departments.In the Production Department, we have set up the independent assembly lines, S.M.T automated paster assembly lines, purchasing department, QC/IQC department with 100% of the products


passing the aging test. Also, we are the first company in the CCTV industry to introduce the world-famous SAP ERP management system. By this management system we can have advanced and full-scale management and combined with flexible manufacturing, and this is the highest target of modernmanufacturing companies, and it can fully satisfy all the special needs of the customers. t is also cost-saving and improves the competitiveness of our company too. In the R&D department, we have set up the Mechanic Design, PCB design and embedded applied software. The strong R&D power of SOPOODA is a good support for the company target as "Produce Unique Products". In the Mold Production Department, we have mold design and lamination factory, and has provided the most fashionable design concepts for the outward appearance of the CCTV  products. "Advanced Management and Provide Unique Products" is our business philosophy, and "Customers Centered and Provide Value-added Service" is the guideline of our marketing.

We believe the trend of the future development of the CCTV industry is that "a strong company is  sometimes not huge sized". We believe only by adding value to our customers, to our employees and to the society can we survive and thrive, and this is exactly the most important value of SOPOODA.The annual turnover is RMB 120 million - 150 million (around USD 18 million - 23 million).We have strong manufacturing and R&D capability, and professional S.M.T automated paster assembly lines. We have a series of professional testing devices for color, illuminance, resolution, white balance, infrared, shock-proof, high and low temperature, water-proof, antimagnetic, dust-proof, and transient current power supply tests.All the above-mentioned elements have contributed to the fast development of the company. In the recent years, the annual increment rate of sales turnover is 55-80%. We can foresee that in the future 2-3 years, the sales turnover will double and the capacity will increase 120-150%, and we will create another miracle in the CCTV industry.

  The Assembly Lines and Manufacturing Site

We have a full series of CCTV products, and we will provide more competitive products in the future. Our product range includes CCD Recorders, High Quality Dome Camera, High Quality IR Water-proof Camera, IP Network Camera,Vision: CCTV Solutions, High Speed Dome Camera, High Quality DVRs, and High Quality Box Camera. Our manufacturing site has the most advanced PANASONIC S.M.T automated paster assembly lines,and a full set of professional testing devices to make sure our products are with top and stable


quality. We have been working closely in the R&D area with the following companies and provides the best products for our customers: Japan: SONY, HITACHI, PANASONIC,SHARP; USA: PIXIM; Korea: DSP RJ R&D COMPANY, TDK, SAMSUNG, LG; China: TECHWELL in Taiwan, HISILICON invested by HUAWEI.

  R&D and Services Provided by SOPOODA

We have a full series of CCTV products, and we will provide more competitive products in the future. Our product range includes CCD Recorders, High Quality Dome Camera, High Quality IR Water-proof Camera, IP Network Camera,Vision: CCTV Solutions, High Speed Dome Camera, High Quality DVRs, and High Quality Box Camera. and Network Camera. We believe that only by broadening our minds and focusing in the future, and continually improving the product quality, design, innovation, price and customer service can we improve


customer satisfaction and can the target of INNOVATION SECURITY WORLD realized, and Add-Value to Customers be achieved. Every member of the company are working for these targets.

In SOPOODA, every one can have full understanding that the we are facing a lot of challenges. That's why the customers are Zero-Tolerance to any mistakes of the products. We are investing a lot in R&D of the products and also inspection. Today, we have been developing the CCTV products which are most innovative, the quality of which most stable, and the technology most advanced.

  Our Promises

We would like to have long-term, stable and win-win cooperation with partners from all over the world. We will focus on customer needs and fulfill them, and add value to our partners. Every member in the company are devoted to achieve the targets. We are pleased to be your business partner, and share our mission with you and realize them together with you. We targeted at running exceeding these standards and aimed at being the leading R&D and manufacturing company in the CCTV industry.